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Real Estate Transfers

There are many different types of deeds and forms to fill out for the county tax assessor as well as other forms. You have to check to see if an exclusion from reassessment applies so that the property taxes do not increase. Getting this wrong can cost you thousands of dollars. We can help you navigate the title, property tax issues and forms needed to transfer property.

Failure to Disclose Cases

After the buyer of a house moves in, they often find a lot of things wrong with the house that wasn’t disclosed by the seller. Failure to disclosure is the number one type of dispute between the buyer and seller of a residence. We will help you, the buyer, to resolve any failure to disclose or misrepresentation of the property with the seller.

Quiet Title Actions

When there is a dispute about who owns a property or there are liens against the property that shouldn’t be there, a quiet title action requests the court to rule on the ownership of the property and who, if anyone, has an interest in the property or a lien or easement on the property.

Clearing Title to Tax Deed Property

A quiet title action is necessary for buyers of properties at the county tax sale to clear the title to their property. The prior owner may bring an action to regain their property and all of the liens and encumbrances must be removed. We will help you to have clear and marketable title to your tax deed property.

Partition Actions

When one or more co-owners of a property have a disagreement about what to do with a property, a partition action requests the court to order the property to be sold and the proceeds to be divided among the co-owners. One of the co-owners can buy out the others, or the property can be sold to a third party. The costs of a partition action may be paid equally by the co-owners through the proceeds of the sale. We will help you through the partition process to a resolution.

Real Estate Litigation and Mediation

Litigation can cover any number of aspects of real estate. But before you get there, you can go to mediation in an attempt to resolve the dispute outside of the courtroom. By retaining an attorney to represent you in your mediation or litigation, you can rest assured that you have a zealous advocate on your side. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in real estate litigation.

Neighbor Disputes

Neighbors can have a myriad of different disputes from encroachment of a neighbor’s garage onto your property, a disagreement about where the boundary line is between properties, an argument over the use of an easement, a nuisance, and a controversy over trees. We will help you to resolve these disputes between the parties.


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