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Karina Madonna

Legal Administrative Assistant

Karina Madonna is a Legal Administrative Assistant at Price Law Firm. Committed to superior customer relations, her gregarious personality allows her to quickly develop a rapport with clients. Karina really keeps the ship sailing along.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, Karina has over eight years as a legal administrative assistant. Karina previously worked in a litigation law firm and prior to her career in the legal field, Karina worked in high-end retail jewelry and fine clothing establishments as a personal shopper. She knows fine customer service.

While growing up, Karina always heard her grandmother, Marina, talk about how hard it was when her grandfather, Juan, got ill. Karina’s grandparents became homeless when they lost their home and had to live out of their van for many months because they didn’t plan for the future. It took Marina and her children a few years before they were able to get back on their feet. When the time came for Marina to plan for the future, she made sure to hire Price Law Firm to design and draft her estate plan, to ensure it was getting done correctly.  Karina loves to work at Price Law Firm, to help other families from having the same fate as her ancestors had to endure. 

A graduate of Azusa Adult Education, she studied Psychology at Pasadena Community College.

Her proudest role is a wife and mother to three boys (including a set of twins).

When she’s not being our efficient legal administrative assistant at Price Law Firm, you will find Karina watching a superhero movie with her hand in a bowl of Flaming Hot Cheetos.

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